Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Belated Birthday Dinner

Last night we met up with a few friends for drinks at Verlaine in the Lower East Side. Yes, we had cheap cocktails amongst the hipsters (they do exist and they do sport ironic mustaches).

Afterwards, my wife and I walked over to my post-birthday birthday dinner at wd-50. We had the tasting menu and overall the food was good and probably some of the most inventive I've ever had (see picture to the left of the miso soup with sesame noodles that you squeeze out of a tube).

Here's the rundown of the meal:

-Trout roe, cauliflower, parsley, kobayaki crisp
-Shrimp and tarragon macaroons
-Foie gras in the round
-Sweetbreads, cabbage-kaffir, water chestnuts
-Beef tongue, fried mayo, tomato molasses
-Miso soup, sesame noodles
-Langoustine, popcorn, hibiscus, endive
-Squab breast, beets, sorrel, coconut pebbles
-Black currant parfait, green tea, elderflower
-Soft chocolate, avocado, licorice, lime
-Coffee cake, ricotta, maraschino, chicory ice cream
-Juniper marshallow, lime sugar

The portions weren't huge so don't be fooled by the intimidating list above. And though the food was exceptional and innovative, the overall experience suffered from the ambience and service. I felt like there was a disconnnect between the food (and its prices!) and the feel of the space. When dropping that kind of cash, I might expect a more refined experience a la Jean Georges. However, it was a good meal nonetheless and certainly a unique experience.

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