Saturday, November 12, 2005

Some Children Left Behind

The stroller set is up in arms in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood due to a sign put up at a local establishment asking that children use their "inside voice" when visiting "A Taste of Heaven."

Well, that sign did not go over too well with locals. Here's one reaction:
"I love people who don't have children who tell you how to parent," said Alison Miller, 35, a psychologist, corporate coach and mother of two. "I'd love for him to be responsible for three children for the next year and see if he can control the volume of their voices every minute of the day."

C'mon lady. The owner of "A Taste of Heaven" has every right to put up that sign and to kindly ask that you and your brood not disrupt other restaurant patrons. If you don't like their policy, then it's your choice to take your business elsewhere. Just because you chose to have kids does not give you the right to let them run rampant wherever you go on the premise that "kids will be kids". You have a responsibility as a parent and more simply, as a decent human being, to be respectful and courteous of others around you. You're not entitled to get a free-pass on being civil to others just because you have kids and because it's hard to control them. Common decency, lady. That's what's expected.

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