Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So Sick of Subway Preachers

After a hard day at work and having faced the ordeal that is the humid deathtrap otherwise known as the NYC subway platform in late July, the last thing you want is to have someone preach to you about Jesus.

This woman seemed normal enough and was pretty well dressed. So it was not unusual that she actually grabbed our attention when at the Atlantic Avenue stop on the 3 train, she got on and announced: "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen."

What is this, I wondered? She went on: "I just want to remind you...." Where is she going with this, I thought? "....that Jesus died for our sins." Oh boy, here we go. That's when the iPod volume gets kicked up a few notches higher.

I don't know about her god but my god has some commandments and one of them is "Thou Shalt Not Annoy." I'm so sick of people on the subway exhibiting this antisocial behavior and telling us what to believe. What about the Jews and Muslims on the train who don't believe in Jesus? Not to mention it's just plain rude! Please shut up from now on.

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