Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sushi on 5th Ave.

On Friday, we made our way to 5th/2nd in Park Slope and took in the lunch special at Jpan Sushi.

The food was good, not great, but you did get quite a bit for your money (for NYC). For $8, I got the chicken teriyaki lunch box which also came with shumai, miso soup, salad, a california roll and side of rice. My wife got the sushi roll special which came with a miso soup, salad and two rolls - the shrimp tempura roll and the eel and avocado roll.

The place has a nice vibe, including an outdoor patio in the back.

We'll probably still stick with Oshima for our sushi needs since it's closer to us but it was good to try a new restaurant.

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